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Image of founder David with his wife and Co-Founder Pam and their son Zian

Inspiration for creating Zidaela.

Zidaela was christened from fragments of Zian, David and Pamela, blended beautifully to commemorate the same love, dreams, and happiness they shared for themselves and the world. There were fond memories around making jams, making it a family activity with laughter, frolic, and joy. Seeing the contentment on the faces of people as they relished the old family secret became a source of inspiration for starting the journey of Zidaela.

The story behind Zidaela

Cantal and the secret of world-class jams

Founded on a dormant volcano in central France cradles the capital Aurillac, of Cantal, the pastoral heartland of France’s Auvergne region. Generous and bountiful as nature has been in this region, it is a treasured haven for choicest of fruits and berries are grown in the scenic orchards, home gardens, and mostly in the wild. Each family treasures secret recipes with their personal touch, adding an enigma to every jam in the town. The Bruel family has been keeping up the age-old tradition of jam, a secret shared by their “Maman”, for years together.

David with his son Zian tasting Jams
Image of Apple Cinnamon jam with an apple

Plaisir du fruit

It is tyranny when you cannot name the fruit looking at the jam, smell a jam, and not be able to guess the fruit and taste a jam yet unable to identify the fruit. That is not how a jam is supposed to be. Handpicked luscious fruits sourced from farmers, devoid of preservatives and artificial colouring to preserve the kosher flavours and authenticity of the jams. The fruits are diligently peeled, meticulously cut and precisely cooked for the perfect texture, each bottle is laboriously packed and sealed sans machinery. Zidaela decided to make fruit "fast food"- delicious, devouring, and irresistible.

Connoisseur’s family secret in a jar

Crafted through dedicated research, our jams blend elect spices with fruits, creating heavenly flavors. Enjoy them with croissants, baguettes, or classic bread and butter. For dessert, savor 'Fromage blanc' or yogurt paired with our jams. Kids adore warm crepes with jam and cream. Indulge in hot waffles topped with melting vanilla ice cream and drizzles of Zidaela jams. Our versatile jams enhance cocktails and elevate cakes, pastries, and pies. Each flavor evokes personal memories, making every taste a delightful journey.

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